Giving Badly Done Hair Transplant The Best Hair Repairing


Ever since hair transplantation has been done in the medical and surgical arena, there have been many patients benefited by this procedure. But there seems to be a problem where people are taken for a ride by less competent doctors and surgeons, who show lots of claims to attract patients. There shouldn’t be such loss or service to our patients, because of which our hair transplant surgeons are highly competent, well trained and experienced in various matters related to hair transplantation.

To help these patients, who have not received the right form of transplant, suitable to their skin and body parts, we at Radiance will give them the most efficient form of transplantation. Initially, their cases will be studied in detail by our expert hair transplant surgeons and then after proper assessment, the procedures would be decided. It would also be clearly discussed with the concerned patients and relatives. Besides, the pricing policies, number of sittings and the approximate number of grafts would be intimated to them during the inspection or assessment.

So, when you are at Radiance Hair Clinics, you can be assured that your wrongly done hair grafts will be corrected in the most scientific manner with proper aesthetic looks.