Analyzing Hair Transplant And Success Rate In India

Chances of getting back the original thickness and density of your hair in India are truly remarkable. A number of advanced hair clinics, some of the world’s best hair transplant surgeons, promising treatments, affordable pricing have been making India a suitable place for hair transplant and restoration.

If you go statistically; Hair Transplant And Success Rate in India is approximately 90%. In 2010, the success rate of hair transplant in India rate was around 25%, which has increased to 90% within these eight years. And no doubt, the figure, and growth is noteworthy.

Deciding Factors For Hair Transplant Success

If you analyze practically, the success of a hair transplant treatment vastly depends on some essential factors including the amount of existing hair loss, availability of healthy donor’s hair, and experienced surgeons. The quality of the donor’s hair also may affect the end result of the hair transplant.

Alongside, the experience, clinical expertise, and knowledge of the surgeon also play a vital role in hair transplant’s success rate. Plus, healthiness of hair follicles, the graft holding solution, the proficiency of assistant, and the medical instruments are also critical factors that vastly contribute to the end result of hair transplant.

Radiance Hair Clinics – Most Dependable Hair Transplant Clinic

Decades of excellence, a team of highly talented hair specialists, and all state-of-the-art medical technology – altogether have enabled the team of Radiance Hair Clinics to provide patients the most affordable yet advanced form of hair treatments in India. Our Hair Transplant And Success Rate has been 100% till now!

Hundreds of happy clients, state-of-the-art clinic, years of knowledge and practice show what we actually are! We are the first clinic in Odisha to launch FEU treatment, direct hair transplantation, and body hair transplant in the state and we continue to introduce new treatments for different stages of hairlessness.

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