Hair Loss Causes Range Widely Across Varied Aspects
Falling of hairs in few numbers on an everyday basis with every hair wash can be a normal occurrence. For normal cases, this should not become a reason for worry because this is not possible to be prevented. Hair growth occurs for a few years after which about 10 percent of hair falls down across a number of days. Major amount of hair loss should be checked out for the causes and should lead to consultation with doctors. But still, people need to understand certain reasons which most commonly lead to hair loss as it doesn’t give them unnecessary contemplation.
Some of the common and major reasons for hair loss are:

  • Hormonal factors are perhaps the most common of the reasons for hair loss in both men and women. There is the male pattern baldness in men, which can be attributed more commonly to hereditary reasons, superimposed by the male sex hormones that become a precipitating factor. In most men, such receding of hair line is seen after maturity and gradually increases over the years to encompass larger areas of the scalp. In females, this kind of hair loss is very rarely seen, although they may suffer from certain temporary reasons based on hormonal changes. Hence, in females, hair loss can be commonly seen in childbirth or pregnancy, start of menopause and in consuming birth control pills.
  • Many medical reasons are attributed to the fall of hair in people, irrespective of gender. It can be seen in case of thyroid problems, where the increase or decrease in hormone from this gland will lead to loss of hair.
  • Immunological reason in which the immune system of the body mounts an attack on the hair follicles is sometimes seen and this is labelled as alopecia areata.
  • Skin diseases of different types can be seen to cause the loss of hair from various body parts as well as scalp. These may be lichen planus, lupus and scar formation, so that the hair loss is almost permanent.
  • Another very important reason for hair loss is that due to drugs and medications and a number of such drugs have been implicated to cause alopecia, such as arthritis, cancer, depression, high blood pressure, heart problems and trauma.
  • There are some physiological causes of hair loss, which can be seen in people and these are tension, illness or infection, perming, sun exposure, work pressure, bad dietary habits and bleaching with chemicals repeatedly.

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