Undertaking Facial Hair Transplant With Expertise

Facial Hair Transplant1

Some men have quite a strong hair growth pattern that their beards and moustaches become trademarked styles. Many of the public figures and celebrities are, till today, identified with their unique moustaches and beards. In order to achieve the desired moustache and beard, the advanced hair transplant technology and highly expert hair transplant surgeons are quite proficient.

• What and how of facial hair transplant

Hair transplantation procedures are adopted for the facial area, so that people can be helped with good facial hair in a few months or so. It is a process where the hairs from the donor areas are brought out and harvested and then implanted in the place which has actually got less number of hair follicles. Such a judgement has to be made by earlier assessment, for which people need to visit for further opinions.

For most practical purposes, the facial hair transplant is done to make the thinned out areas denser, along with covering up areas with scar or have more masculine features. This can be related to the moustache, beard, goatee, sideburns, eyebrows and cheek.

As in case of the head, in the facial hair transplant, the donor site is usually the back of the head as this site can have the most proficient and best quality hair. Also, the beard area can be selected to become the donor site. After the selection of the donor site and assessment of the recipient areas, our expert surgeons can utilise the follicular unit extraction or FUE method.

People should understand that they need to take certain care of the facial hair transplant and ensure that the process reaches to success and looks as natural moustache or beard.