Deciding For The Best Therapies For Female Hair Transplant

For those, who are trying to find out suitable solutions for hair loss in females, the best place to approach in Bhubaneswar is Radiance Hair Clinics, with experienced hair transplant surgeons and technicians. If you are a female and want to have fuller hair and regrow the lost hair strands, visit the centre for better assessment and ensuring that you are the right fit for a hair transplant procedure.

In majority of cases, hair transplant patients are men because of their male pattern baldness. The same type of hair loss doesn’t occur in women, because they have a different type of fall of hair, with pattern that is quite distinctive. So, the same kind of hair transplant is not possible in women. Females have thinning of the hair from the scalp, without being concentrated in a particular place. Moreover, in ladies, the frontal line of hair strands is properly maintained, while the interspersed hair loss occurs across the entire head. In men, the donor area is selected usually from the back and side of the head, which are considered to be stable areas. Women have diffuse hair loss, thereby making many areas of the scalp quite unstable. The reason for such differences is based on the fact that men have dihydrotestosterone or DHT acting on the hair follicles in the frontal and top of the head. In some women, the DHT causes the hair follicles to regress and fall down in a diffuse area, thereby leading to the female pattern baldness. Hence, the hair on women’s head is said to be unstable, thereby making them bad candidates for donor follicle punching and harvesting. This process becomes more of a shifting of the follicles from denser areas to the less dense areas, thereby requiring high degree of expertise.

Our expert hair transplant surgeons actually bring high level of professionalism into their practice, so that the best possible treatments are carried out. We are committed to proper information dissemination to our patients and hence ensure that the selection of the candidates for hair transplant is done in the most ethical and rational manner.

Initial assessment of the patients is done by our experts and by the counsellors. They are able to then ensure that the patients are selected in the most appropriate manner, thereby making the chances of success of such transplantation brighter. It would be in the best interest of the patients therefore to first ascertain their candidacy for the procedures.

  • Due to non-hormonal causes like traction alopecia
  • Prior history of cosmetic surgery
  • Male pattern like baldness in females
  • Trauma or burn patients leading to hair loss

Considering these reasons for the hair loss and assessing the women properly before finalising their hair transplantation procedures, our experts ensure that you have the best chances of success. Hence, if you are a female suffering from hair fall, visit our clinic for further assessment and expert opinions.