Follicular Unit Extraction1
Adding Revolutionary Method With FUE Hair Transplant
Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE is one of the revolutionary methods of hair transplantation in the modern day scenario, having been introduced in the year 2002. In over a decade or so, this method has become one of the most sought after and practised procedures in hair transplant industry, and also the professed technique at Radiance Hair Clinics in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. When explained to our patients, they are glad to have such an interesting and fruitful method for the re-growth of their scalp hair, without much side effect.

What is FUE – FUE is supposed to harvest or extract hair from one part of the scalp to put at the bald areas, requiring proficient hands and skilled techniques. Our surgeons at Radiance will look into the finer aspects of such a procedure to ensure that this is done with minimum problems for the patients and highest success rates.

In this kind of procedure, small incision in form of a circle is done using high end instrument. By this, a small unit containing a hair follicle is removed from the tissue, which is then pulled out with a left out small hole that heals within a few days. Our experts use modernised motor punch equipment to remove the follicle in the form of a graft from the donor region. Such a technique has become a revolutionary method for hair transplant these days, with Radiance being in the forefront of utilisation of such advanced process.


Scar-less, stitch-less – This particular method is continued to the point where the transplant surgeon feels that the recipient area is sufficiently filled up with follicular units. All this is being carried out in a time interval of few hours or couple of days if the number of follicles is big. From the donor area, small pin shaped white patches are left behind, which are healed and hidden behind the side and back scalp hair. Due to this reason, the FUE technique has also been known as hair transplant surgery which is stitch-less and scar-less.

FUE vs FUT – Differentiating the FUE from the traditional method of Follicular Unit Transplantation or FUT is the technique of taking out single units of follicles at a time and implanting it into recipient area. In the FUT, a thin strip of scalp skin with number of hair follicles is removed and then grafted on the recipient area. From the removed skin, the hair follicles are individually removed, which is known as harvesting, so that these can be put into small needle hole points created with needle point instrument. Thereafter, the procedure is like that of FUE, but leaves scar at the donor area, and the number of follicles is not very high as in FUE.

Over the few years since the FUE has been practised, it has become highly popular even among the patients, while warranting high level of expertise from the surgeons, which is done on a regular basis at our centre of Radiance Hair Clinics with suitable after care instructions.