Cause Of Hair Loss
Some degree of hair loss on a daily basis is part of the hair growth process. At any given time, 90 percent of the hair on our scalp is growing. In the growth phase, lasting two to six years, the hair will grow an average of one centimeter per month. After the growth phase, the hair spends two to three months in a resting phase, after which it falls out. While some amount of hair loss is considered normal, some men, women, and children experience …. Read More

Hair Loss Treatment for Men
Male pattern hair loss usually happens after puberty starts between age 20 and 30. The DHT also known as a specific type of male hormone gradually shrinks the sensitive hair follicles. As a result, the affected follicles stop producing healthy strands of hair and eventually lead to hair loss. Some involved genes are X-linked, with men whose fathers show hair loss 2.5 times more likely to experience it themselves regardless of maternal report…. Read More

Hair Loss Treatment for Women
Hair loss can be temporary or long lasting. Temporary hair loss can be easy to fix when its cause is identified and dealt with or difficult when it is not immediately clear what the cause is. Hair loss that could possibly have been temporary may become long lasting as a result of an incorrect diagnosis. What all hair loss has in common, whether it’s in men or women, is that it is always a symptom of something else that’s gone wrong in your body….. Read More