When And Why Of Hair Loss Treatment For Men

lot on the way these causes lead to such scenarios. At Radiance Hair Clinics, it is possible to check out the causes and the feasibility of such implantation.

  • Causes are primarily 3 in types which lead to hair loss in men

For men, the reasons of hair loss from the scalp can be attributed to aging alopecia, stress induced telogen effluvium and the hereditary related short hair growing phase.

  • Male pattern baldness or gene related MPHL: Male Pattern Hair Loss or MPHL is supposedly seen to occur after puberty in men, starting between the ages of 20 and 30. The male hormone of dihydrotestosterone or DHT is implicated in such baldness, which affects the hair follicles, leading to their loss. In some people, there is a problem in the gene related features, so that if fathers have such baldness, then the sons will have an increased chance by 2.5 times.Different populations will have different types of baldness depending on their genetic background. It will also depend on the age because the baldness goes on increasing with increasing age. Some have the MPHL before the age of 30, while majority of men will have the pattern by age 60. Hair loss in such cases is usually permanent and it occurs at different rates as per people.
  • Telogen Effluvium due to stress: Stress in present day scenario has been implicated for many body conditions, one of these surely being alopecia or premature hair loss. Due to the stress on a day to day basis, the capillaries have restricted blood supply, inhibition of oxygen supply and decreased nutritional supply to the hair follicles and all these reasons inhibit hair growth. As a result, the body tends to counter stress causing about 70% of hair on the scalp to go into resting phase prematurely, which is also known as Telogen phase.

Hereditary related short growth phase: Due to reasons related to hereditary and genes, there is gradual but progressive reduction in the size of hair follicles. Hence, in short growth phase, the hair doesn’t have enough time to grow again into long strands and quickly enter into resting state, before falling off.

  • Apart from these reasons, various other causes have been considered to cause hair loss in men.

If men are not maintaining a healthy lifestyle, such as because of poor sleep, stress in job and home, lack of recreation and absence of exercises and healthy food from the diet, these lead to loss of hair.

Nutritional deficiencies have been often considered to lead to loss of hair. Proper nutrition is required for oxygen and proper elements to reach the hair and help in the growth phase. Lack of vitamins, minerals and various types of proteins are considered to be reasons for unhealthy hair follicles leading to fall of hair.

Various chronic diseases have been considered to be responsible for hair loss, such as diabetes, thyroid disorders, scalp ringworm infection and lupus disorder.

Medications and lack of proper hair care or vigorous rubbing and tightly putting the hair in ponytails can also lead to hair loss, thereby making plenty of reasons for hair loss in men.

At Radiance Hair Clinics, we strive to identify these disorders and advice for proper remedies for you to get back your youthful lush, long and shiny hair.