Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE is one of the revolutionary methods of hair transplantation in the modern day scenario, having been introduced in the year 2002. In over a decade or so, this method has become one of the most sought after and practised procedures in hair transplant industry, and also the professed technique at Radiance Hair Clinics in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. When explained to our patients, they are glad to have such an interesting and fruitful method for the re-growth of their scalp hair, …. Read More

Female Hair Transplant
Are you Looking for Female Hair Transplant Clinic in Bhubaneswar? We at Radiance Hair Clinics offer Best Female Hair Transplant Services in affordable prices. Since hair transplantation is a good option for nearly 90 percent of the balding men in the country, women think that they will make a good hair transplant candidate as well, but this is usually not the case. Very few women have the type of hair loss that would make them good candidates, and that’s because most women have …. Read More

PRP Hair Transplant
A common approach to maintaining donor hair follicle viability during the transition period is to keep them in a storage solution that provides a protective environment of appropriate temperature, chemical balance and nutrient supply. Recent research has indicated that addition of PRP to the storage solution improves follicle viability during and after transplantation, enhances post-transplantation tissue healing and promotes hair growth in transplanted follicles. An approach advocated  …. Read More

What is Hair Transplant
Hair transplantation is a procedure in which the hair taken from the back of the scalp (where even bald men don’t lose hair) is transplanted in the balding region. The permanent nature of transplanted hair renders them to grow for rest of the life. Although this procedure is most commonly performed on men, hair transplantation is growing more popular among women, and may even be performed on children who have suffered permanent hair loss due to injury or disease. Recent advances in hair …. Read More

Pre Surgery Instruction
If you have any medical problems please share with your doctor in advance. DO NOT take any drugs before confirmation by your doctor.Any allergic reactions should be communicated to the doctor. Avoid any exertion and relax at least one day before the date of surgery Diet – Take easily digestible foods a day before.  ….. Read More

Post Hair Transplant
Sleep in a head high position. Avoid combing hair for 3 months. Do not bath for 5 days. Avoid bending and heavy physical exercise. Use a johnson baby / betadine ad shampoo to rinse hair after 5 days. The shampoo should be diluted with plain water and should be done everyday by gently pouring over the transplanted area. ….. Read More

Facial Hair Transplant
Imagine Albert Einstein, Anil Kapoor and Kapil Dev without their signature mustaches. Impossible, right? Men have known for centuries that strong facial hair can be a defining feature. Wispy or spotty facial hair can be unattractive, and it’s natural to want a full, lush beard, sideburns or mustache. Fortunately, recent advances ….  Read More

Bad Hair Transplant Repair
Hair transplantations made prior to the discovery of the concept of follicular units in 1990’s were carried out in great macrogroups and unfortunately resulted in unnatural appearances due to lack of technology during that times. Furthermore, we may encounter plenty of hair transplantation applications which were conducted incautiously and without abiding by the general principles of hair transplantation. These transplantations which were conducted without detecting the right angle ….. Read More