Working Out Solutions For Hair Loss With Mesotherapy Option


Thinning of the hair due to hair fall and then large patches of hair being lost due to diseases are supposed to be the common causes of baldness in men as well as women. Although the causes of hair loss could vary in men and women, there are certain treatments, which can be effective for both. With proper consultation at Radiance Hair Clinics, our doctors will be able to diagnose the problems and thereby bring in different types of solutions.

Many consider the hair transplantation on the scalp and other parts of the body as the most efficient form of hair re-growth technique, there are a few methods, which can help in adding fullness to the thinned out hair. In such a spectrum, mesotherapy seems to be an important procedure at Radiance Hair Clinics, which can be applied on people, seeking some kind of hair restoration process.

Mesotherapy is primarily a medical treatment modality of hair loss or more appropriately hair thinning and these medications are approved by USFDA, the American drug regulatory authority. The medicines are injected using fine needles into the inner surface of the dermis. Many injections can be necessary at the same location to help best results. For the patients, there is almost no discomfort with procedure being done for about 20-30 minutes. The idea behind such treatment is to provide the hair follicles and the blood therein to have high concentration of vitamins, which helps the hair follicles to grow uniformly and assuredly.

An essential part of the mesotherapy treatment is to have multiple injections over a number of settings, so that there is optimum growth of hair. The choice of sittings will be decided by the hair therapists and surgeons of Radiance, so that the best results will be obtained by you. This process, as our experts will advice, can work best when done along with healthy diet and exercise regimens.