Properly Instructed Care For Post Hair Transplant


After the transplant has occurred, it is important for patients to follow the post hair transplant instructions given by our expert surgeons. Some of these instructions are:

  • Sleeping with the head in elevated position to the body
  • Hair combing shouldn’t be done for 3 months
  • No bathing for 5 days
  • Physical exertion and bending should be avoided
  • Very light shampoo should be used after 5th day to wash off hair
  • Moreover, the shampoo needs to be diluted along with normal water and the hair should be cleaned everyday in a gentle manner, in a back to front stroke of hand
  • Transplanted areas shouldn’t be rubbed
  • After the transplantation, on the scalp saline spray should be done 2 hourly for 3 days
  • Some swelling is seen in the recipient and donor area which will subside in a few days
  • Protein rich food needs to be consumed
  • From the donor area, which is having stitches, medications should be applied after removing the dressing after 2 days
  • In the initial first or second month, grafts tend to fall off, although new hair strands tend to grow after the 2nd month
  • Some patients are advised to apply minoxidil solution for around 10 days two times everyday


  • Avoid hair wash after 24-35 hours of surgery and then visit metro center for hygienic and preventive hair wash
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption for at least 6-7 days
  • sleep in the elevated position for few days to prevent swelling
  • Avoid the activities that cause sweating for at least 2 weeks to prevent infections
  • Do not blow dryer and other heating tools for 15days
  • Cover your head with the cap to avoid the sun exposure for 15 days
  • Ask doctor if you feel any kind of pain and take medicines according to advice of surgeon
  • Avoid blood thinning medicines for one week after surgery

Many such instructions are given to the patients, with ensuring proper understanding so that these are followed to avail the best benefits of the transplantation. Our experts at Radiance Hair Clinics ensure that the patients are fully aware and properly follow these options.