Care Needs To Be Taken Before Surgery Of Hair Transplantation

portrait of friendly doctor and patient at dentist's office

Before the process of hair transplantation is undertaken, you will have to discuss certain issues with our specialist hair surgeons and be aware about the precautions to be adopted and kept in mind.

  • Discussing about the drugs being taken is an important aspect. Medical problems, drugs being consumed and allergies are to be told to the doctors.
  • On the day before surgery, exertions are to be avoided and patients need to relax.
  • Smoking and alcohols are to be avoided about 7 days before surgery.
  • Food restrictions are to be done a day before surgery, taking in only easily digested food and avoiding spices.
  • Before the day of surgery, you need to have good night’s sleep.
  • People need to reach the clinic with sufficient food intake and not in empty stomach.
  • Ensure that you reach before the scheduled time.
  • People should ideally wear buttoned clothes rather than t-shirts and should carry handkerchiefs.
  • Valuables like gold shouldn’t be brought into the clinics on the day of surgery.
  • People are allowed to have their favourite music and movie DVDs, so that they can watch or listen to these when the procedure is going on.
  • Preparedness should be for the surgery to take about 4 to 6 hours.
  • After the surgery is over, the patients should take care to travel by four wheelers and not by two-wheeler as it may put pressure on the hair strands.
  • People should bring along friends and relatives, at least one, to help them for moral support and assist in the return journey.
  • If people want, they can bring along snacks to be eaten in the clinics, as they may feel hungry or have any medical conditions like diabetes.
  • Variety of tests for diagnostic purposes are carried out before and after surgery, for which patients should be prepared and these include CBC, HIV, HBSAg, HCV, serum urea and creatinine, fasting blood sugar, BT, CT, ECG and routine and microscopic urine tests.
  • If they are asked to come along with some tests done before the day of surgery, their reports should be brought to the clinic to allow for the surgery to be undertaken.