Utilising Benefits Of PRP With FUE Transplant


Variety of methods have been introduced to help people re-grow their hair on the head and these have been widely tested and tried by people because of the wishes to have fuller and youthful hair. Although many of these methods didn’t make it to the threshold of success, PRP or platelet rich plasma has been considered as a major booster of hair growth. Hence, it is used by Radiance Hair Clinics and the experts to help people with recently transplanted hair to grow their strands quickly. This concept has gained momentum based on certain functional applications.

  • Helps in preserving the vitality of hair follicles at the time of transplantation and thereafter
  • Repairing of transplanted tissue is quicker
  • Stimulates hair follicles which are dormant and helps in their growth

PRP is supposed to be useful in preserving the hair follicles between the time these are removed from the donor area and put at the recipient site in different ways:

  • Protects follicles from dehydration by providing enough moisture
  • Helps with providing nutrients when the follicles are removed from their bed of blood vessels
  • Protects from changes in the alkalinity and temperature
  • Quickens the process of revascularisation after being put into the recipient area

It is necessary to put the hair follicles harvested from donor site in an environment, which can provide nutrients, protection from temperature and pH changes, and maintains the chemical surroundings as in the natural bed on the scalp. Many scientific studies have proved that PRP, when added into the storage solution, helps in improving the viability of the follicles in the interim period of harvesting and implanting, increases the healing process after transplantation and hair strands are helped in their growth process. The ideal process as propagated by the scientists is to put the follicles just before transplantation inside PRP solution which is activated.

The mechanism by which the PRP is helpful in growth of hair is by the working of platelet growth factor in the solution in activating the stem cells of hair follicles. By doing so, the dormant state follicle stem cells are activated into the phase of active growth which induces hair production.

After the surgical procedure of transplantation, the growth factors are stimulated to work on the sites of injury and new follicles initiating growth of hair follicles, repairing injuries and hair restoration. The use of growth factors is nothing new as it has been done in surgeries. Many advantages of the platelet rich plasma have increased the popularity of these types of growth factors in hair transplantation procedure at our centre with experts helping with the process.