Giving Boost To Hair Growth With PRP Modality Of Treatment


Plenty of people are suffering from problems of hair loss, with majority of them have some kind of genetic predisposition. Affecting men mostly, this kind of hair loss is seen because of gradual thinning of the hair follicles, which then fails to grow further. Likewise, ladies are also prone to suffer from hair loss. But in them, the genetic predisposition leads to thinning of the density of hair, rather than full fledged baldness.

To cover up the baldness in men as well as in women, at Radiance Hair Clinics, we have the therapy of PRP application. PRP is platelet rich plasma, which can be applied on the scalp without surgery, where there is stimulation of the hair follicles for further growth. In recent times, many hair transplant experts and even patients are getting aware about the availability of PRP and its applications. But still, there are people who need to be conversant with these techniques to accept their application.

  • How the PRP treatment is brought about?

In PRP method, the patient’s own blood is taken out and it is centrifuged to separate the platelet rich plasma and added with an activating compound. After curing the patient’s scalp, the PRP mixture is injected in the proper manner into the scalp. Platelets have different enzymes and properties, which help in healing and stimulating the follicles. Hence, these can be utilised for different purposes. In one of the ways, this mixture is added to the thinning hair areas to stimulate the growth of the hair follicles. Some hair transplant surgeons utilise the PRP mixture after the process of transplantation to help keep the follicle potent and stimulate their growth and implantation, where the recovery is quick.

  • Advantages offered by the PRP

Most important benefit of the platelet rich plasma is that it is obtained from the patient’s own blood, due to which there are no allergies and adverse reactions. This, appeals to many patients, as they are convinced of the advantages of using their own body materials for healing and quick recovery, rather than chemicals.

Effectiveness of the therapy is another factor that is liked by patients. From various research and studies, it has been marked that the PRP can be highly effective. Patients need to realise that this technique is good for some people especially when surgeons and doctors have done their assessment properly. It has been seen to be effective in androgenic alopecia where the follicles are thinned out, where treatment will show its effect in about 4 to 6 months. It is best in people with recent hair loss rather than well established baldness.

In patients with alopecia areata, where immune system is found to destroy follicles, the PRP therapy is quite effective provided done in the early stages.

For hair transplants, the addition of this ingredient stimulates hair growth quickly.

When faced with the situation of hair loss, you will agree to almost anything that claims to provide a solution. But, the ideal thing to do for you would be to look into the use of platelet rich plasma with proper consultation with the experts at our renowned centre.