Understanding Hair Transplantation For Informed Decisions


Increasing number of people are showing interest in the field of hair transplantation these days. Hair transplantation is primarily a process in which hair taken from one part of the skin is put into another site in the same body. Most commonly, the transplantation technique is utilised for scalp areas, and more so in men. Since this procedure is most commonly associated with the head, many people consider this term to mean the solutions for baldness. Moreover, men have commonly used this particular process to help correct their male pattern baldness conventionally. But, in recent times and with availability of highly modernised set up like Radiance Hair Clinics at Bhubaneswar, women are also coming forward to get hair transplant to cover their thinning hair and going back with smile on their faces and fuller hair on their scalp. Due to the advances in this field, the end result of hair re-growth looks very much like normal hair.

Some advantages due to hair transplant that should be known by people:

  • Hair loss solutions in a natural and yet permanent manner
  • Hair from the scalp is put into the scalp
  • Transplanted hair can be washed, combed and oiled like the natural hair after some time
  • Procedure for transplantation is like the day care treatment
  • People maintain their natural hair look
  • Results are usually quite successful
  • Maintenance free transplantation

The number of grafts usually required is quite large and variable. This decision can be taken by our experts after proper assessment of the patients. Then the individual follicles are transplanted in the recipient areas.
Grafting can be of different types:

  • Mini grafts – Where 3-4 hairs are implanted per graft, when extensive area is to be filled up
  • Micrografts – When 1-2 hairs are put along the hair line for less receding hairline
  • Follicular grafts – single hair strands are grafted, for the most natural looks, in areas where hair has thinned out and for front hairline and for those who want thin cover on the scalp

Hair transplantation procedure is then scheduled after thorough assessment by our expert hair transplant and cosmetic surgeons. In the procedure per se, little skin strip with hair is removed from the back of the head above the neck. This is known as the donor site. From this skin strip, grafts are cut out for transplantation. These are then implanted in the balding areas, which are known as recipient sites. The place where the graft of single hair is to be implanted, a hole is made with needle or laser. This hair follicle is put inside the hole and clot of blood is utilised to hold the follicle in place. Healing at these points is quite quick, because it is highly vascularised.

When the grafts and implantation are done properly, it becomes difficult to distinguish the transplanted hair from the natural strands on the scalp. Apart from the stable donor sites, the skills of our hair transplant surgeons are instrumental in giving a satisfactory result. All the matters related to your hair transplant are discussed before the procedure is scheduled, thereby ensuring the patients about the kind of work that would be done and assuring of the best possible results.